New Project


Open a terminal window and create a folder. In this example we will call our project “My Game”.

$ mkdir my-game
$ cd ./my-game

Now we have an empty folder and are ready to initialize it to make it the root of our “My Game” project.

$ r8 init
project name? [empty-project] My Game
initialized a new project 'My Game' in /home/klarre/my-game
  (use "r8 build")

Give it a project name and just hit return.

Generate Project Files

The prepare command generates a CMakeLists.txt file.

$ r8 prepare

Build The Project

Issue the following command to build the project. The output files will be located in the _bin folder in the root directory.

$ r8 build

Build For Android

Building for Android requires a different config file in the r8 prepare call. A pre-configured config is already available in the project’s root directory.

$ r8 prepare --config ./
$ r8 build